Residential flooring


Residential flooring facts that matter

Residential flooring is one of the most important choices you’ll make as a homeowner. Updating the space can cater to durability, style, or both and gives you fantastic results. If you're preparing to buy your new floors, it helps to find out more.

As you consider your options, be sure to think about your specific needs and preferences. You want products that meet those for the best long-term service. And it's worth it to ask plenty of questions as you move forward.

The visual appeal of your flooring

The proper flooring installation can change the way your home looks. Be sure to think about matching your decor and existing furnishings. But also consider the outlook as trends might change.

Some floors can take changes well, especially if you've opted for something neutral. However, there are times when bold options can work too. Our associates will help you choose these options as you move through your shopping.



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Choose a durable material

Your new flooring should be durable enough to weather everything about your lifestyle. Consider traffic levels, humidity, footprints, and more, for the best results. Of course, each room can be different, so you might want to change the options from room to room.

Waterproof surfaces work very well for many homeowners. This can be an outstanding selection if you have pets, children, or both. We'll make sure you have materials that cater to these specific needs.

Other considerations for your new flooring

From visuals to durability, the flooring choices could last for decades. Engineered wood offers a 30-year lifespan, while tile can last more than 50 years. But natural stone and solid hardwood floors provide 100 years or more.

We'll help you consider all the most critical factors. As you share your dream for your new floors, we'll help you create an experience you'll never regret. Be sure to ask all the questions you have, and we'll supply the answers.
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