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FAQs for commercial flooring

If you need commercial flooring, we understand you also have questions. We have answers to all your questions about both materials and services.

It's essential to learn everything about your new flooring and services. If you still have questions, feel free to reach out to us.

Your questions deserve answers

Can I install my commercial floors?

We usually advise against the DIY approach to these essential floors. Each step in commercial installation requires expertise and special equipment.

Even subfloor preparation has a bearing on your installation. We can explain further while you're here.

Are commercial products more durable than regular flooring?

Yes, commercial floors are far more durable than regular floors. Commercial vinyl flooring is often thicker, has thicker wear layers, and handles loads better.

You can customize most flooring to fit your specific needs. Be sure to talk with an associate about your needs for the best direction.

Is commercial carpet a safe choice for my area?

Commercial carpet is often safer than other materials because they are slip-proof. In addition, these surfaces offer more traction and help you create a safer environment.

It's easy to maintain, as cleaner floors are safer floors. Ask about other benefits like built-in stain protection.

What type of commercial products are best?

The type of commercial flooring you need will depend on your specific situation. You may have requirements that differ from other business owners.

The good news is that we'll assess your situation. And we'll help you find the perfect solutions for you.

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